For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

I would like to take a moment and share from my heart what exactly Not aLone Mom is to me and where it is going. After a couple intimate encounters with God, the first when I was 15 and the second just a few weeks ago, I am bursting with excitement to share the new inspired vision for this blog/website/ministry!!

Not aLone Mom defined:

Not aLone Mom is a website and blog dedicated to empowering, encouraging and inspiring women in their journeys through motherhood, and through life! As a mother, your life has no doubt changed dramatically from what you once knew. Well…

You are not alone!

We have all been there, and are there; motherhood brings with it a myriad of new emotions, thoughts, needs, feelings, ideas, etc. all of which should be nurtured and embraced. There are times when I need to feel “normal” and find comfort when reading about other moms who have “lost it” from time to time. There are times when I need encouragement, someone to remind me I CAN do it… and that I AM a good mother. There are times when I need a safe place to pour out my heart and share what is going on inside – without fear of judgment.

My hope is that Not aLone Mom can be all of this for YOU…and so much more!

What began as a desire to encourage moms by sharing stories about my (mis)adventures through motherhood – from the most embarrassing, see Motherhood – The Comedy, to serious, vulnerable moments, see Am I a Good Mother – is transforming before my very eyes into a multidimensional ministry for women to encourage, motivate and inspire on a number of levels.

But I’m not doing it alone either!

Joined by several amazing women of God from all over the country, each are mothers possessing a very specific talent and heart for God to encourage and inspire others, Not aLone Mom is growing into a place to provide encouragement through faith, health and fitness, balancing work and life, and more.

Soon, it will even be a place to simply “Rest and Renew” tired and weary spirits; a place to “Testify!” and share what God is doing in your life and read about the incredible victories in the lives of others; also, you will have an opportunity to “Ask The Expert” by sending in questions as I sit down each month to interview a mental health professional who specializes in children’s mental health and development ages 0-5. And so much more that I will reveal along the way!!

How did it Not aLone Mom begin?

It all began with a CALL.

When I was fifteen I heard the call of God on my life. Literally, He knocked me on my face one night and spoke to me about the plans He had for me, calling me into ministry. Engulfed in His arms, He spoke into my spirit how much He loved me and that I would one day “reach multitudes” through Him!

From that I was left with an overwhelming sense of how BIG God really is! This incredible encounter with Him forever changed my life.

Now 30 (yes, I have decided to embrace being 30), I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life waiting on God; period. Waiting on God to call me out to that next official step of ministry that he spoke into my spirit; waiting on God to give me some kind of picture of what it was even going to look like. I have been taking one step at a time, exploring many different avenues, wondering and waiting to see if I had somehow stumbled into the destiny I was called to fulfill.

It wasn’t until I became a mother that everything started to fall seamlessly into place, and it wasn’t until recently that it all became clear. Though it didn’t feel very seamless most of the time, see It Gets Better, I can see now how each moment and each experience played a necessary role in my journey.

The clarity came with a CRY.

And I’m not talking about my baby crying… I’m talking about me! Crying out in the wee hours of the night in the days and weeks after having my first baby because I was terrified of leaving her and going back to work full time! Crying out because I knew God had a very specific plan for my life and I wanted, no, needed to know what it was if not for my sake for my growing family!! My spirit wept before God as I fervently sought His plan for my life with a brand new fire – one that comes with being a mama – knowing that he had so much more in store!

God then began to reignite a couple very specific passions in side of me – encouraging and inspiring others, and writing. Through this I started to see a whole new direction for my life taking shape. These passions combined with being a mother began to take form as I continued to seek Him until I finally knew what I wanted to do.


Write to encourage and inspire other moms!

The passion was there. The vision was there. Now what I needed was the opportunity to execute.

In September 2011, when my daughter was 19 months old, my son was born. It was then that I was finally able to quit working full time and stay home with my beautiful children!

With a dream in mind and a message to deliver, I launched Not aLone Mom in January 2012. Learning as I went along, I could feel in my spirit that I was taking steps toward something wonderful. Was it my “destiny”? I wasn’t sure but I could sense that this was the start of a great new chapter in my life.

It wasn’t until just recently that God knocked me on my face yet again and spoke to me about my His call on my life.

I had been seeking His specific direction for many weeks… taking into consideration my family, our financial needs, etc. I needed confirmation that I was on the right track. Crying out to God one night His presence engulfed me once again bringing me to my knees. His words pierced through my spirit like fire as he said, “Fifteen years ago I came to you and told you that you would reach multitudes in my name – and now you know how you’re going to do it!”

That was all He needed to say, I was then overwhelmed with understanding. I could suddenly see the bigger picture. I knew that Not aLone Mom was the ministry He had spoken into my life all those years ago! This was in fact the avenue that would fulfill His will for my life… my destiny.

I stand in awe of Him as He continues to inspire new vision for Not aLone Mom. I continue to move forward guided by His gentle nudges, and deliberate inspiration. I hope each one of you will come along for the journey, get involved, engage with one another through this site… you are after all, Not aLone Mom!!

We have each other and most important – we have a God who loves us, will never leave us, nor forsake us! (Deuteronomy 31:6)

I invite you to share your thoughts and heart below! Many blessings!

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