Motherhood – The Action Adventure

Motherhood - The Action / Adventure

Motherhood can be quite the adventure at times! …I never know quite what to expect which keeps things very interesting and me forever on my toes!

Running through the hallway, zigzagging left and right, my daughter gleefully scurried about as fast as she could while I chased her through the house! It wasn’t long before I was completely out of breath feeling like I had just run a marathon! And this was all while trying to get her pajamas on before bed! Motherhood can be quite the adventure at times! Every day seems a little busier than the day before… I never know quite what to expect which keeps things very interesting and me forever on my toes!

Life with a two year old and a seven month old is very exciting. Between my daughter’s endless amount of energy and relentless desire to turn every situation into a high speed chase, and my son’s new found sense of freedom as he crawls into every nook and cranny he can find, pulling himself up on furniture, tumbling about all over the house, and putting everything in sight into his mouth, there is little to no time for me to just “sit” any more. In fact, I don’t even know if I remember what it feels like to sit down and put my feet up.

With all of the twists and turns of motherhood, sometimes literally, I can’t imagine how any mom could ever be bored! Everything is an adventure for the little ones. In fact, my daughter’s newest favorite thing to do is spray down our dog’s poo in the back yard with the hose… I’m sure in 10 years I wouldn’t be able to pay her to do it let alone have her leap for joy when she finds out it’s time to go clean up the yard! It’s hilarious! She has watched us do it enough times that she must have decided it looked exciting and she wanted in on the action.

Trying to juggle the two at the same time keeps my heart pumping and my feet moving. During the day they rotate their nap schedules. I put the baby down in the morning and when he wakes up it’s time for my daughter to go for her nap. When she wakes up it’s time for the baby to go for his afternoon nap. It is nice to have breaks from the two at the same time but certainly leaves no time for “me time”! It’s not until they are both in bed in the evenings that I finally have a little time to myself… which of course consists of laundry, shower, cleaning up the house, etc. But at least it is without interruption!

Yes, motherhood can be quite the action / adventure. Between the moments that make you laugh so hard you could cry, the dramatic times that you cry so hard it’s almost funny, and the scares that make your heart skip a beat – there is certainly never,

a dull moment in motherhood!! Regardless the genera you find yourself in for the day, nothing can compare to the powerful, unconditional love a mother has for her children. Yes, all of these combined wrap up beautifully into one amazing love story.

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