The Motherhood Series

There is never a dull moment in Motherhood!

The Motherhood Series is a genera themed series of five posts about many twists and turns of motherhood. In the first post, “The Comedy”, I discuss some of my humorous misadventures experienced after having my first baby, including how I felt like I was “losing my mind”! In the second post, “Oh, The Drama”, I talk about some of the dramatic moments in motherhood stemming from a toddler’s wild emotions combined with the needs of a new baby. The third post, ‘The Scary Times”, is an honest portrayal of some of the scariest moments in my journey thus far. The fourth post, “The Action/Adventure”, invites you along for the ride as I relay the fast-paced life of having a toddler and a baby with two completely different schedules. All leading up to the fifth and final installment, “The Love Story”, yes – motherhood has its challenges but nothing can compare to the truly breathtaking bond between mother and child. Enjoy!

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