Fat Loss Advice: When You’ve Hit a Plateau

Written by: Kimberly Ough

The secret to weight loss really boils down to three things to ensure you’ll lose weight. Yes, if you’re doing just one or two of these things, you could see some weight loss, especially initially, but for most of us (me included) once that initial weight is lost and you’ve hit a plateau or results just suddenly begin to slow…you’ll really have to focus on incorporating all three of the following. In fact, at this point – if any one of these three fell off my radar, I’d put on five pounds in five days… no joke!

If you’re struggling to shed fat or have hit a plateau, make sure you’re doing ALL three of the following consistently for at least 12 weeks:

Fat Loss Advice NAM pic1) Increase the intensity, frequency and duration of your cardio workouts. Increasing the duration can be as simple as adding a couple extra minutes to your cardio routine each time you work out.

2) Find out how many calories you’re currently consuming and what can be improved. Keep in mind it takes 3500 calories excess to gain a pound and likewise a 3500 calorie deficit to lose a pound. So, over the course of seven days, that’s a 500 calorie deficit each day.

If your metabolism is slow because you’re not eating enough now, you’ll definitely have to hit the weights HARD in order to increase your metabolism. Start eating small frequent meals to get your metabolism up to a healthy pace. Note: you can actually eat MORE and still lose the weight!

Have you ever counted calories?

Do you know what you’re currently eating?

One thing anyone that’s had amazing success does is they make sure they’re burning more calories than they’re consuming. They actually track their intake day by day. You can be the healthiest eater on the planet and workout, but if you’re not paying attention to calories (or if your metabolism is too slow) then you’re fighting an uphill battle.

There has to be a caloric deficit for your body to go to existing fat stores for energy. If you’re unsure how many calories you should be consuming daily in order to lose weight you can check this free online resource – the “Daily Needs Calorie Calculator”.

Fat Loss Advice NAM pic 23) Strength training intensely 2-3 times a week. This is TOUGH to fit in for most of us because it tends to be less enjoyable. But even if it’s just for 15-20 minutes, that’s fine, just make sure it’s intense. That means you have to use heavy weights; heavy enough that you can’t even finish the set. Once you’re able to finish the set, it’s time to pick up heavier weights. In order to make your body a fat-burning machine, you have to put muscle on your body. And yes, your muscle will increase in size slightly but your figure will decrease in size. You can’t pay much attention to the scale until you’ve been doing all 3 for about 6-8 weeks, because you’ll be gaining muscle and losing fat… sometimes the net on the scale is a GAIN, even though you are smaller.

By incorporating these three things, not only will you be smaller, and have a MUCH easier time maintaining your weight, but with the added muscle and new habits, you’ll be stronger, healthier and have a lot more energy to kick it up a notch with ALL your workouts.

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