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Hello. My name is Kristen Nelson but most people call me Krissy. I am a wife, a mother of two, a woman of faith and a writer. This blog is dedicated to moms. As a mother there are many times when I feel like I am the only person in the world experiencing the various emotions and situations I encounter each day. This feeling of isolation was particularly heightened in the weeks immediately after I had my first baby and then again upon returning to work. During that time I tried to soak up every bit of encouragement that was offered to me, while quietly longing that one day I would be able to encourage others. My desire is that by reading about the many twists and turns of my journey you will be able to find hope in yours. You are not alone! For more information on me and my writing please visit my website, www.kristenlnelson.com

ARISE Conference: LIVE Stream and WIN Prizes

ARISE Home party 6With less than two weeks until the launch of our 2013/2014 ARISE Conference the excitement is building more and more as each day passes.

Wish you could be part of this monumental event?? Well, you can!

We are excited to announce the #ARISEmoms Home Party!

No matter where you live, if you have Internet access you can stream the conference LIVE right from your living room! Make a night of it! Invite your mama friends over and have some fun. Make a big night of it and utilize your home church to have all the mamas a part.


Thomas Nelson, Inc is getting in on the action and has offered to donate an entire CASE of Jesus Calling devotionals to the #ARISEmoms Home Party with the most people in attendance.TN n JC book logo

To enter your party all you need to do is:

  1. Invite your friends
  2. Log on to brownsvilleag.org on the night of the event
  3. Submit a photo of your group via facebook or twitter using #ARISEmoms (be sure and tell us how many are in your group)

That’s it!

Stay connected via #ARISEmoms and engage live with us at the event! Share, connect, engage, and submit prayer requests with other mamas from all over the world!!

This is going to be a powerful night of restoration for moms. . . CLICK to read more…

What to Expect Post – 3 Steps to Avoiding a Mommy Tantrum


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When the guys over at the What to Expect When You’re Expecting franchise call you up and ask if you’d like to contribute to their website – you don’t say NO!!  I am excited to share with you my first … Continue reading

What School Forgot to Teach Me About Being a School Mom


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As I have frequently posted, “Domestic” is not a term that my friends would use to describe me. My family would not even use the term to describe me. Describing me as “Domestic” in front of my closest friends would … Continue reading

Handling Mommy Meltdowns and Getting Rid of the Guilt


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Krissy wrote about “Mommy Meltdowns” recently. She was honest with her feelings. I think most moms have felt the same feelings: Needing moments to yourself Having a rush of emotions (frustration, anger, guilt, exhaustion) all at the same time Feeling … Continue reading

On Losing It With Your Children


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The night was going smooth… too smooth almost. I found myself wondering when things were going to erupt. I made dinner that my children ate. I prepared a fun treat that my children waited patiently for. We did a bath … Continue reading