Loved and Lost – A Blessing for Mother’s Day

Loved and Lost A Mother's Day BlessingMother’s Day is most often a day filled with joy and celebration… but for those who have lost a mother, Mother’s Day can be a day of heartache and mourning.

My prayer for each and every person today is that you allow God to flood your heart with His joy and His peace as you honor your mother.  I pray that a smile would cross your face as you reflect on the memories you share.  Regardless of the relationship, regardless if your mother is here or if she has passed, I pray that this Mother’s Day would be filled with celebration for the life that she gave you and the sacrifices she made throughout the years.

Yes, today is a day we set aside each year to honor our mothers.  Those rare gems that have the ability to seamlessly set aside their own desires to ensure the needs of their children are met.  Mothers can make a boo-boo “all better” with just one kiss.  Mothers can take away heartbreak in one embrace.  Mothers can hear us in a way that no one else can because they hear us through their heart.  They take each word we say and play it through the symphony of their heart’s strings making our worst situations feel like beautiful melodies of life’s many lessons we can learn.

Mothers are strong, beautiful, courageous and love us like no other. 

Today, honor your mother in whatever way you can… whether it be a gift, a card, a hug, a phone call, or a special memory – be sure to tell her that you love her. Even if she has passed on, close your eyes and allow yourself to draw from the deepest part of your heart as you simply say “I love you, Mom.”  I know that she will hear you… mothers always do.

“I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”  John 14:27

Dear Jesus, I pray that today you would meet each of us where we are at. Flood our hearts with your joy and our minds with your peace… We join together now to lift up those who have lost a mother and struggle with this day… Wrap your loving arms around them and whisper sweet words of strength, love and peace into their ears.  Fill all the gaps in their hearts with your presence   Honor them as they honor their mothers.  In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.


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