Time for Balance {Part 2} – Put Change in Motion

Restoring Balance Part 2 Putting Change in MotionNAM pic 2It’s one thing to realize change is necessary in order to move forward and establish balance; it’s quite another to put change in motion…

But that is the journey I, like so many, am currently on in my life.

As I mentioned in {Part 1} of this series, “Adjusting Priorities”, it took my life getting to a place of total chaos for me to finally realize my priorities were out of whack.  But once I did… once I identified what the problem was (it was me!), I was able to release my burdens to God and allow Him to speak into my life the changes that needed to be made; while I simply listened

Now I am in a season of putting that change in motion.  It’s never enough to simply say, “Yeah, my priorities got all out of balance, I need to fix them…” and never actually take any real steps toward executing the change that is required.

As I welcome you into my journey I aim to provide tips along the way that are working for me at the moment… this is a first-hand, real-time look into my journey… one of Restoring Balance.

Below are the two major steps I have taken to Restore Balance in my life:

  1. Adjusting Priorities:  I made a list of my priorities in their current state along with a list of what they should look like.  Doing this provided me with indisputable evidence of just how far out of balance my life had become!  A clear indicator that adjusting my priorities was critical in order for balance to be restored.  Here is what my lists look like:Restoring Balance Part 2 Putting Change in Motion NAM pic
  2. Put Change In Motion:  I took my new list and began putting change in motion.  I began to seek God for the strength I needed to make an immediate adjustment in my life.  I didn’t want to sit on this revelation allowing time to pass without taking any real steps to implementing these new priorities – my life was out of balance NOW so I was going to make changes NOW.  I brought my list(s) to God and fell on my face in humility before Him recognizing it was through HIS strength and His wisdom that I would be able to put change in motion, immediately!

So this is where I am at right now… it’s been a challenge but I’m doing it.  Essentially I had created some bad habits and we all know how difficult it is to break bad habits and implement good ones.  Work was at the very top of my list when for me, as a stay-at-home-mom, it should have been at the very bottom.  I had neglected my family, my home and even myself… my kitchen was a mess, my floors were dirty, the laundry had piled up to the point where it was impossible to tell which was the “clean pile” and which was the “dirty pile”.

My piles had merged to form hybrid piles of their own… the “clean-ish pile” and the “dirty-ish pile”!

My husband was doing all he could do to help out but at the end of the day the condition of our home was on my shoulders.  I am so thankful for the man I married!  He waited in prayerful patience, quietly praying that I would hear God’s voice and be able to see for myself how out of balance things had really gotten.  He respected my fragile condition and trusted it was only a matter of time before I heard God speak.

Before, my days were an impulsive juggling act of work, taking care of my kids, work, spending time as a  family, work, remembering to eat and breathe, work, spending time with God, more work and then it was time for bed.

Now I approach my days with intention! I wake up ready to spend time with God, in His word and in my devotions, I enjoy my time with my family, while taking care of my home and myself.  When my children are in bed I crack open the laptop to sit down and write and focus on work.

The beautiful thing is – these last couple weeks of focusing less on work I haven’t missed a single deadline, I haven’t felt strapped for creative time, in fact – I feel freer and more creative than ever before!  I feel alive again!  Once I adjusted my priorities and began to put change in motion, I reconnected with my children and my husband and my home is finally starting to feel back in order… the scales of balance are beginning to level out.

There are still some things I would like to merge in to my daily routine like exercise and fun outings with my family… but incorporating new things will come in time… the first and most important thing is being consistent while adjusting to my new set of priorities and putting change in motion!

Dear Jesus, thank you for your guidance as I walk through this process of restoring balance in my life and in my home.  I ask that you give me the strength I need to continue moving forward.  Help me to remain consistent in this journey.  Help me to always be sensitive to the delicate scales of balance in my life… as quickly as they level out they can just as quickly topple over… Guide me in each step of this journey so that I may apply Godly wisdom in each new phase.  In Jesus Mighty Name, amen.


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