Time for Balance – New Series

Something I have learned after having two children and feeling the scales of balance shifting over and over again is this: if life feels like it is out of balance – it probably is! As mothers we are often heard making statements like, “My life is so crazy right now!” Or “I feel like life is totally out of control!” A mother’s senses are usually right on. We are very in tuned to the needs of our families so if we are beginning to feel like the world is spinning out of control around us then it more than likely IS!

Restoring Balance part 1 Adjusting Priorities NAM PicThe problem isn’t identifying that our lives are in need of a stabilization overhaul the problem is pin pointing the areas in our lives that we need to let go of and/or adjust in order to balance out the scales.

So HOW do we do this?

Well, we waive the white flag and surrender to the only One who sees the bigger picture and can help us readjust our lives – we turn to Jesus and surrender it all to Him!

Over the last several weeks I began feeling the world literally closing in on me… it was enough to make me claustrophobic! I felt stuck. I felt like I was heading down the road to a nervous breakdown and there was no exit ramp in site and nowhere for me to stop and make a quick U-turn. Looking in the rear-view mirror – the road behind me had become one big blur. The more I tried to figure how I had ended up in this place the more stressed out and hopeless I felt.

I could sense my tolerance level was rapidly declining. As much as I love and adore my children, they were getting on my last nerve! My patience seemed to have run its course so their normal toddler curiosity and stubbornness was beginning to make my blood boil – not good!

Knowing I was at my whit’s end I sent out an S.O.S. to anyone who would listen. I cried out to God, to my husband, to my family, to friends and pastors at our church… I felt like all I was doing was crying… but you know what – IT WORKED! God heard my cries for help and began to speak into my life.

The interesting thing is – looking back, I realize that all of the prayers were not to get God to hear me… no, the prayers were needed to get me to hear God!!

God heard me the very second I cried out to Him for help. He was simply waiting on me to arrive at a place in my own heart that I could listen to His response. It’s amazing how we get in God’s way sometimes

Anyway, God heard me and I was finally ready to hear Him.

It didn’t come as some earth shattering revelation where the roof of my house was blown off and God rushed in like a mighty wind telling me in a low authoritative thunder, “This is what you need to do…” No, He simply began whispering into my spirit about my life and my priorities. As I moved about my house that morning, picking up toys and making coffee, God began showing me what my life had become and I was finally able to see how out of balance my priorities had gotten.

Though I work from home, I was putting my business at the top of my “to do” list each day. I was neglecting my family, my home, myself all for the sake of trying to contribute financially to our family. A noble cause, sure, but I had pushed everything else in my life aside and made this my one and only focus. It was not my intention for this to happen… it just happened. When all along my heart has been to be at home with my children, and God has blessed me with the opportunity to be able to do just that. After finally listening to the God’s response to my S.O.S. I was able to let go of the pressures I had been feeling and release it all to Him. Letting go has given me the freedom I needed to allow myself to be the mommy and wife I so longed to be.

No matter where you are at in life – a stay at home mom, a working mom, a work at home mom – there will always be challenges. There will always be a need to readjust the scales of balance and reassess priorities… the key in all of this is listening and adjusting. Listen to your instincts that are telling you something is off and then seek the Lord for guidance as you aim to readjust priorities. He is always there ready to offer you guidance the very second you cry out to Him for help… just make sure you are listening.

Dear Jesus, thank you for your sweet guidance and gentle nudges! Though sometimes I wish you would just bop me over the head and tell me I am off course I am thankful that you are sensitive to my needs and that you approach me with such care. Bless this new series on Restoring Balance and bless each person reading it… Continue to guide me as I aim to restore the balance in my own life, my home, and my work. You are the Almighty God… in You I put all my trust. In Jesus Mighty Name, amen.


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