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Restoring Balance NAM picBalance… oh, sweet balance. Where oh where have you gone? After we have kids the delicate scales of balance we worked a lifetime to adjust seem to go toppling over completely! However tiny our sweet bundles of joy are they seem to have an enormous impact on our balanced lives. Once the dust settles we begin to see that our new baby now occupies one whole side of the scale and it is up to us to determine what facets of our lives we can incorporate on the other side with out tipping the scales.

This is usually done through trial and error… we incorporate something and see how it impacts our families. If it doesn’t work we let it go. If it incorporates smoothly we may be able to hang on to it. Trial and error… over and over… until we finally establish a whole new normal.

I have learned as my children have gotten older that this process repeats itself time and again… with each new age and stage comes a whole new set of needs and priorities. It seems just as I am getting used to my new “new normal” the need to reestablish balance and priorities presents itself yet again.

Because the need for balance is such a common pain point for most mothers I have dedicated the entire month of March to “Restoring Balance” in our lives. All of our posts will be centered around this simple, yet complex concept. We will be giving you tips and tricks to help you in your journey. I am on a personal mission to restore balance in my own life which has gotten so completely out of control lately. As I have sought God on how to restore balance He has begun to show me how my priorities have shifted from His perfect design. Through prayer and fasting I am dedicating this month to seeking God’s wisdom to help me shift my priorities and restore balance in my life and my family.

I invite you along for the journey to read how God paves the way for me and I pray through my transparency you will find yourself encouraged and maybe even a little inspired too. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to ensure you don’t miss a thing! {Plus, all new subscribers this month will be entered to win Max Lucado’s special edition Grace for the Moment.}

As always – I welcome any questions, comments, testimonies about your own journey, and prayer requests you may have!


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One thought on “All About Balance

  1. I have been reading your blogs for a short time and feel your view of God in your life corresponds closely with mine. I am not sure I know what subscribing means as I catch your blog in the Grand Fork Herald or on Inforum. I loved this blog and know balance and peace are something I seek all the time so I am not doing something right. I do however, know one must work at it. I am a retired social worker who does child care for my friend. Child care for babies is so hard to find and leaving your baby with someone you don’t know is also hard. I am happy to fill this roll for my friends. I become very attached to all my babies. I will continue to catch your blog, thank you.

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