6 Laundry Styles – Which Are You?

Written by: Laura Rouse-DeVore

I have come to the realization, and accepted, that my husband and I are two very different creatures when it comes to the way we do some of our household chores. We have known for quite some time in our fourteen years of marriage that we are very different when it comes to “domestication”.

What is Your Laundry Style NAM picMy husband does very good domestically and I, well… I struggle through the best I can.

When it comes to laundry we have very different “laundry styles” and the expansion of our family has only caused an exponential growth in the “laundry gap” as it relates to our “domestic differences”. Therefore, I think it is of utmost importance for you to all discover your “laundry style”, so that you can have a greater level of understanding of the potential for “domestic differences” in your own homes.

I have outlined six different “laundry styles” below. I encourage you to read over them all and see if there is any self-discovery!

1.) The Laundry Master: The Laundry Master always has all dirty laundry washed. There is never, nor would there ever be a pile up. Hampers are not necessary in their homes. They have done loads with only one or two articles in them, just because they couldn’t stand the thought of letting dirty laundry just “sit there”. They do laundry every day. They may even be heard saying that they enjoy it! They look up recipes on Pinterest about how to make their own exotic-scented laundry detergent from scratch. They fold the laundry and put it away as soon as the dryer buzzes. They never have problems with unmatched socks or dry clean only garments accidentally getting washed. They have mastered and take pride in their laundry skills and abilities.

2.) The Washer, not the Folder: This person has piles in the back end of the laundry process. They don’t mind washing the clothes, but hate the process of folding and putting the laundry away. They can usually be found digging through clean laundry piles on weekday mornings looking for their favorite work shirt. A good sign of a person with this laundry style is clean clothes on hangers dangling from the treadmill.

3.) The Folder, not the Washer: This person has piles in the front end of the laundry process. They may let the dirty laundry pile up, but when they get around to washing the loads, they get a great sense of satisfaction from sitting matching the socks; and from a highly organized closet. They may even have dresser drawer organizers.

4.) The Laundry Churner: This person tends to do the same loads of laundry and has the same garments in each load. They typically wash what they wear and wear what they wash. This cycle repeats itself over and over each week. This laundry style may be combined with others to create some sort of unique hybrid laundry style. Laundry Churners are usually recognized by their repetitive outfit wearing.

5.) The Laundry “Composter”: The Laundry Composter is very similar to The Laundry Churner, except Laundry Composting involves piles of dirty laundry and piles of clean laundry. You will find a Laundry Composter digging through a dirty pile of laundry to pick out what they need. They will wash that, dry it, and then it goes into the clean pile. They may also be found digging through the clean pile looking for a specific garment. Typically, despite the large piles of dirty and clean laundry, a Laundry Composter will wash and dry the same loads every week. This is where the “composting” comes in. If their needs change one week or if they tire of the “typical” wardrobe, they will sift through the piles to find a completely different load of laundry. Laundry Composters are usually recognized by their need to give clothing articles to charities and/or by their seemingly sudden wardrobe revamps.

6.) The Laundry Hoarder: Laundry Hoarders are the people who don’t wash or dry on any sort of regular basis. They may collect dirty clothes for extended periods of time and then make one huge trip to the laundromat. They tend to purchase new clothes and underwear rather than laundering the dirty ones. They may use environmental concerns as an excuse to not launder regularly. You will recognize a Laundry Hoarder because they are the ones who seem like “Laundromat Professionals”. They have exact change, know how many loads they are going to do, have their favorite machines all saved, know when the best time is to go, and have their reading materials and lunch packed and in tow. They can also be recognized because they shop in lieu of doing laundry.

So, how did I do? Were you able to identify your “laundry style”? In full disclosure, I am a “Laundry Hoarder” and my husband is a “Laundry Churner”…we meet in the middle at “Laundry Composting” in our house!! But, isn’t it okay to be a little different? Isn’t it okay to be challenged by The “Laundry Masters” in our lives?

As busy moms, isn’t it okay to let the laundry pile up if it means we are significantly pouring into the lives and hearts of our children??

Everyone has different priorities and we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. If Laundry is something you haven’t made a priority in your life, it likely means you have chosen to make something else a priority. In my own life – “Laundry Hoarder” and all – I have answered “Yes” to the above questions. Priorities are a part of life, chores are a part of life, and laundry is a part of life; but how we respond and prioritize is what makes us unique and different. So, understand your “domestic difficulties and differences” and embrace your “Laundry Style”! Because no matter what your laundry situation is, YOU WERE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

In a comment below, please share what your “laundry style” is!

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  1. I think I am closely matched to The Laundry Master, but not quite obsessive I can tolerate some dirty laundry in the basket.

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