We LOVE Non-Crafty Valentine Cards

Written by: Krissy Nelson

So last week for Valentine’s Day my daughter and I created some one-of-a-kind “Non-Crafty” Valentine’s Cards. This time we amped up our original “Non-Crafty Craft ” of cutting squares from different colored note cards and this time we cut HEARTS! We commissioned the aid of other basic office supplies to create some very interesting (to say the least) custom Valentine cards (that I still have yet to mail…).

Now before you start throwing out accusations that I might actually be veering into full on craftiness… don’t worrycutting hearts is actually EASIER and dare I say it MORE non-crafty than cutting squares! No ruler required! Simply fold the paper and cut a half heart shape along the folded edge and viola – you have a heart! Or multiple hearts depending on how many folds you made… and that’s it!

If you want to duplicate my non-crafty idea here’s what you’ll need: (but note, I recommend using what you have on hand…)

  1. Colored note cards
  2. Scissors
  3. Plain white card stock
  4. Non-Toxic glue stick
  5. Markers, crayons, etc.
  6. And a license for F.U.N! (OK… that was cheesy I know!)

After cutting out the hearts, spread some glue on the back and hand them over to your little one to do all the creative placement on the card. By using a non-toxic glue stick you don’t have to worry if it gets all over their hands or if they accidentally touch their face. The goal is giving them freedom to use their own creative liberties.

So now it’s time to queue the music and insert the intricate “how to” photo spread: (ok, there’s no music… I got a tad carried away…)

We Love Non-Crafty Valentine Cards

We Love Non-Crafty Valentine Cards NAM pic 2

A prettier (yet less personalized) selection:Non Crafty Valentine Card Nam pic 3

So the moral of all of this non-crafty fun remains – you don’t have to be a crafter to make some fun non-crafty crafts with your kiddos! Just use whatever you have laying around your house (literally) and let your kids imaginations soar. They will enjoy the special bonding time with mama and are none the wiser to your crafting limitations… as long as you are having fun!

Hmmm… what Non-Crafty crafts can we come up with next…??

What are some of your favorite Non-Crafty crafts?


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