We LOVE Crafts – OK, Not Really…We Love Non-Crafty Crafts!

So my daughter and I started something new. We created the first, of I’m sure many more to come, “Non Crafty” craft project. It seems everywhere I look there are these fabulous mothers out there implementing fun craft projects with their families… From decoupaging shoe boxes to re-purposing spaghetti sauce jars – it’s amazing. I am literally in awe of these moms, rather “super-moms” as I would consider them to be, that they have the patience and desire to create such works of art.

But I on the other hand do not. I lack the desire and the patience… I am a “non-crafter”!

Yet to my wonder and amazement, the other day I somehow found myself in the midst of what I would consider to be a craft project with my daughter… a non-crafty project that is.

What did we do? Well… we cut out squares from different colored note cards! (insert laughs and eye rolls here)

While I’m so not a crafter, I am a bit of a perfectionist… so we made sure to cut each square to exactly 1in x 1in. She LOVED it! She picked the colors, watched me measure the squares and helped push my hands around the scissors to cut.

I felt so creative and super-mom like!

Just as shocking as the project was in and of itself was the outcome – a wonderful bonding moment with my daughter followed by the loads of fun she had with these silly 1” squares… she was entertained for the better part of an hour. To this day speaks of her “cards” with such pride; returning to them often to dump them on the table, sort the different colors, and put them in various vessels laying around the house including her brother’s trucks and her daddy’s shoes.

I suppose as with any good craft post, or non-crafty craft post in this case, I should conclude with a thoughtful step by step “How To” photo montage…(it’s OK, you can laugh…)

Non Crafty Craft Collage 1edit

Non Crafty Craft Collage

The bottom line is – we had fun! So even if you are not crafty like me you can still have fun non-crafty craft time with your children. No “thinking out side the box” required (or decoupaging the box)… just sit down with what ever you have laying around the house (literally) and begin creating your own non-crafty project, smile, laugh, and call it “art”. Your children will have a blast because they are spending time with you… and that’s all that matters anyway.

Are you a crafter or a non-crafter like me? What fun, non-crafty crafts do you like?


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