Ask The Expert – Expert Revealed: Introducing Dr. T

I am very excited to introduce and welcome Dr. James Torkildson as Not aLone Mom’s official “expert” for “Ask the Expert”! I will have the privilege of sitting down with “Dr. T” each month to ask those lingering questions we moms face as we raise our children. Questions about letting our babies “cry it out”, postpartum depression, how to best tame a toddler, setting boundaries for teenagers, etc. Anything you can think of!

With decades of experience working with children and families, Dr. T is truly an expert. Most important – he is a man of God. A professional who proclaims Jesus as his Lord and savior! He is a man filled with integrity, honor, and compassion… oh, and he happens to be my father! I am truly blessed to be partnering with him in this way to bring the expert right to your door step, available each month to answer any and all parenting question YOU send in! –> Questions can be submitted to

Dr. James Torkildson Bio:

Dr. James Torkildson - Ask the Expert NAM picDr. James Torkildson, known as “Dr. T.” by the children and families he works with, is a clinical psychologist who owns and operates PATHFINDER Counseling and Consulting in Detroit Lakes Minnesota. He is also the proud father of Not aLone Mom Founder – Krissy (Torkildson) Nelson.

He has worked with children and families from a developmental and cognitive behavioral perspective for over 25 years. His clinical interests include developmental psychology and early childhood mental health.

Additional areas of interest include the treatment of anxiety, panic disorder, trauma, abuse, relationship issues and depressive disorders. Dr. T. also serves as a supervisor for therapists and interns in the fields of counseling and psychology. He specializes in the assessment and treatment of children presenting emotional, behavioral, developmental and learning difficulties. In addition he provides school based mental health services working with school-aged children who exhibit behavioral and learning difficulties at home or in school. He also provides service and supervision for residential MICD programs. (Mental Illness/Chemical Dependence).

His positions have included Clinical Director in community mental health and in various residential treatment centers and in residential children’s care. Dr. T. provides training for the Minnesota Department of Human Services in the use of assessment tools for the zero to five populations. He provides reflective practice to various groups including child care consultants to assist in providing relevant and quality assistance to child care providers throughout the state. He has served as a professor and instructor for higher education institutions. Lastly, but most importantly, he strives to serve Christ who he proclaims Lord and Savior!

“I am excited to partner with “Not aLone Mom” because of its relevance and the significant role it serves. We have not seen such an assault in our time on the traditional family or the biblical roles that God intended for each family member. Particularly, support for “MOM’s” is essential for them to feel empowered as they strive to live as a Godly woman and a Godly mother.” – Dr. T


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