Daily Devotional: From Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young

Jesus Calling by Sarah YoungFrom Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young

NOTHING CAN SEPARATE YOU from My Love. Let this divine assurance trickle through your mind and into your heart and soul. Whenever you start to feel fearful or anxious, repeat this unconditional promise: “Nothing can separate me from Your Love, Jesus.”

Most of mankind’s misery stems from feeling unloved. In the midst of adverse circumstances, people tend to feel that love has been withdrawn and they have been forsaken. This feeling of abandonment is often worse than the adversity itself. Be assured that I never abandon any of My children, not even temporarily. I will never leave you or forsake you! My Presence watches over you continually. I have engraved you on the palms of My hands.

Romans 8:38 – 39; Joshua 1:5; Isaiah 49:15 – 16


18 thoughts on “Daily Devotional: From Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young

  1. My sister has the book “Jesus Calling”. I’d love to have the daily devotionals sent to me via e-mail.

    Thank you and God Bless,

  2. This is a must have for every Christian. Read it daily and some days over and over. Always so appropriate. Such a blessing.

  3. This book has literally saved my life. It was introduced to me by my loving sister, after my suicide attempt. I’ve never been down such a dark, lonely road. I have reconnected with God like never before. I truely feel as if God has reached out to me through this amazing book.

  4. I am a hospice chaplain, and I share Sara’s readings daily with my patients and their
    families. Staying in his presence I feel loved, accepted., guided through
    my day in his presence strengthens my purpose to serve him. I am blessed.
    Chaplain Linda

  5. I have to share that this wonderful book is a hugh part of my beginning of every day. I find it to be support to my productivity of each day as well as strenghtening my walk with my Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen

  6. I have the devotional. Carry it with me everywhere. It is so beat up, and held together with rubber bands, but so important each day I read it. I can find the peace in my heart from it, not to mention how it applies to my particular day.

  7. Would love to have the Jesus Calling devotionals sent by email for each day, Thank you so much, God Bless you, Susan

  8. The entry I read was made for me today. I am feeling anxious, unloved & I have a fear of abandonment. The message gave me hope that Jesus is working in my life to ease my burdens & calm my worries. I am a good person & a Christian trying to serve God but I have so much baggage, I feel unworthy of His love. I need to fortify my faith with the Holy Spirit each day & pray that God will deliver me from my past.

  9. This book is definitely touched by God. Over and over and over again God speaks through this book for needs I am dealing with at that moment or answers or just beautiful peace. Thank you

  10. I just recently began reading and sharing this uplifting daily devotional book with fb friends. The book was a Christmas gift that sat on a shelf for far too long. The response to the post is very positive and several people share on their home page.
    Many lives are touched by this amazing application book. Thank you so much from myself and the others who read my post.

  11. I am a recovering alcoholic and I have included this book into my morning readings. For me, each day is a blessing. With God and the fellowship of AA, I can praise the Lord and walk a sober life “one day at a time”.

  12. This devotional is so inspiring and practical for everyday. I gave this book to my mother. She calls me so often with praises of how right on this book is to her. The words that Jesus speaks to Sarah Young…he speaks directly to me. I am so grateful and excited everyday, just to experience his presence is truly a gift and something I never want to take for granted. Thanks God and thank you Sarah Young.

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