From Catch of the Day, by Jimmy Houston

Catch of the Day by Jimmy HustonFrom Catch of the Day, by Jimmy Houston

Exodus 18:20

Warn them about the laws and teachings, and teach them the right way to live and what they should do.

Fishing is a sport where our results are determined by the decisions we make. Every day on the water, we make hundreds of decisions. Sometimes we might have to choose between only two or three options, while other times we might have to select from two or three hundred possibilities. Seldom will we make the very best decision each time. The trick is to make more decisions that are on the better side than on the worse side. These are our decisions.

We are told to conduct our lives based on God’s decisions, laws, and instruction. Why should we do this? Because God’s decisions will always produce the very best results in our families, our jobs, our spare time, even our eating habits. God truly does know what is best for us!