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NAM Happy Birthday

Its hard to believe a year has passed since I launched Not aLone Mom on January 8, 2012! At the time my son was three months old and my daughter was just about to turn two! We had our house on the market and I was working diligently during nap times to pack everything up. We were preparing to move clear across the country with my husband’s job! So why, you ask, would I launch a blog/website during this hectic time in my life?

Its simple – “Do Something”…

These words had been planted in my spirit like a seed in the wee hours of the night about 8 weeks prior…

Do something…

After hearing these inspirational words spoken during a late night sermon on one of the Christian networks my life was forever changed. I began applying this very basic principle to my life in big ways.

First, I had unforgiveness in my heart toward someone I had been close to. So I cried out to God to help me forgive them… to truly forgive them from the bottom of my heart which meant I would need to gain perspective on the people and situation(s) surrounding the issue and see them in a new light… through His eyes.

As I sought the Lord I began seeing them through His eyes and was filled with compassion. From this perspective I was able to find forgiveness from deep within my heart and spoke it out loud, “I forgive you…”

The moment these words were released from my spirit and exited my mouth I felt a burden lifted! What happened next surprised me. I began to see my own actions toward them flashing before my eyes like a movie trailer. All of the words I had spoken against them because of my own hurt. All of the actions I had taken when I was feeling lost and confused… I knew then what I needed to do was go to them and ask for THEIR forgiveness!

Do something…

So I did. I asked their forgiveness and took full responsibility for the things I had said and did while apologizing from the bottom of my heart. I was met with compassion and received the forgiveness I sought.

This completed the cycle of forgiveness in my own heart toward them. I had never felt anything like it.

This process repeated itself a couple times with others until I felt the weight of unforgiveness completely lifted from my shoulders. A weight I had been living with and didn’t even realize was there until I started seeking God’s direction for my life!

How powerful!

The next step in this eight week journey prior to launching Not aLone Mom was on December 8th, 2011… a month after the inspiring sermon and a month to the day prior to launching my blog. Incredible!

I had been flipping through the pages of a magazine I had never read before. With each page I turned I could feel I was getting closer and closer to the reason I opened the magazine. Then I found it… it was an article by a Christian author, Roxanne Henke, about what inspired her to begin writing!

I read about her journey which was sparked by clutter in her house that she had been vowing she would organize “tomorrow”… but something stopped her and she realized tomorrow never seems to come. If she were going to finally get organized she would need to do it NOW. “If not now, when?”

These words carried into many aspects of her life, including her desire to write a book… a dream she had been longing to fulfill for years. “If not now, when?” resonated in her thoughts and then, as she states in the article, “I sat down and started writing.” These words literally jumped off the page and into my spirit.

Powerful words that were consistent with the journey I was on, and seemed to act as water to the seed of “Do Something” that had been growing in my spirit over the last month.

“Do something.”

“If not now, when?”

“I sat down and started writing.”

All of these phrases now chanting in my spirit louder and louder and I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I did something.

I did it “now”.

I sat down and started writing.

I started by writing to Roxanne to thank her for her article and did my best to explain just how deeply it had inspired me.

She wrote me back almost immediately thanking me for my feedback. From there we corresponded a little more via email. She even read an article I had written, one that took me a year to complete… her feedback was very encouraging and served as more water to the seeds that were now growing at full speed in my spirit. She even mailed me signed copies of two of her books… including the first book she wrote… the one she “sat down and started writing.”


Over the next 30 days God placed various confirmations in my life that I was to continue down this path.

A key component was when my husband said to me one night that I should just stay home with our children and not return to work after my 3 month maternity leave which would be ending in a matter of days. We knew we would be moving out of state soon anyway… it just didn’t make a lot of sense to return.

This decision freed me from the burden of leaving my children and watered the growing seeds in my spirit.

Another key player was our pastor’s wife. I had run into her at the mall that weekend and was excited to tell her about all of the events of the past several weeks. Without skipping a beat she encouraged me to reach out to the owner of a local women’s magazine she knew and see about writing for him.

More water.

That night I emailed him and included the article I had written as a sample. He called me later that week and invited me to write for his magazine.


Looking back on all of this I see the little bread crumbs God was leaving me along the path of the destiny He created me to fulfill. Even as I started Not aLone Mom one year ago today, from my kitchen table during nap time, I had no clue what it would become. I was following a simple command planted in my spirit – “Do something”. I was executing a dream and I was doing it now – “If not now, when?” I was obeying the Holy Spirit’s stirring inside of me “sit down and start writing”; beginning what I now realize is the ministry He called me to fulfill all along.

As I celebrate the one year anniversary of this beautiful journey I want to thank each one of you who support the vision of Not aLone Mom; I am humbled and blessed by each and every one of you.

Each of us has a calling on our life. Each of us has a very special destiny to fulfill. Has God revealed yours to you yet? What steps are you taking to bring that dream into reality? How can I pray for you today?

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. – Romans 15:13

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