Silly Saturday Fun

silly-saturday-funSaturday seems like a great day to reflect on the lighter side of life… the funny moments; the silly, off the wall things our children say or do, even the crazy “mom-brained” moments we have as busy mamas…

Each Saturday I will post personal stories along with submissions from readers… it’s sure to be one “Silly Saturday”! Enjoy!

My Stories:

– Each night we pray with our little ones: “God bless our family, our dog (Logan), bless daddy’s job, heal (insert name of family member), heal mommy’s wrists (I have carpel tunnel), etc.” Lately our three year old has begun using her own creative liberties to add lib derived from our regular prayers… This is her prayer, “Bless Daddy’s job, and heal Logan’s job (our dog), heal Mommy’s wrists, and heal everybody’s wrists…Aaaaaaamen” So precious. So – if you have any wrist problems out there – our daughter is praying for your healing!

silly-saturdaysThen there is our 15 month old son who is surrounded by his sister’s princess gear. Bless his little heart – he gets into her jewelry and his sisters tiara like a cape while running around the house making grunty boy sounds and “bbbrrroom… bbbrrooom” car noises! (my husband will probably kill me for posting this picture)

And then there are my crazy “mommy brained” moments… like this week when I was attempting to pour my morning coffee and the kids’ morning juice cups at the same time… Bad idea! I ended up pouring my coffee in a sippy cup and juice in my coffee mug (that I had already poured creamer in)… Sheesh! But before you gasp in horror too loud – I caught the mistake prior to giving the kids’ their cups!

Finally, here are a couple fun accounts from some NAM readers:

– Submitted by Andrea about her son Jacob (just under 3 yrs): We now have a new way to spell stubborn, J-A-C-O-B. At night he has been getting out of bed and knocking at our door. Last night we told him to go back to sleep, so he did. At 2:30 in the morning I heard a rustling sound at our door. I got out of bed and to my surprise Jacob was fast asleep in the hallway!

– Submitted by Dana, a couple classic quotes from her very quotable daughter, Bella (7yrs):

– “I would like to roll down that hill… except for when my hair is made!” She is all girl…

– Regarding being naked before her shower, and acting like it’s “no-big-deal” sweet little Bella says, “…besides, we are born naked…because why the heck would anyone have clothes on inside a body” (in the womb)

So fun! Feel free to send in stories of your silly, memorable moments with your little ones. Pictures are always welcome too… You can submit them here or on the Not aLone Mom Facebook page. Have fun!!

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