A Beautiful Journey – First FLT Post

A Beautiful Journey FLT picAfter fifteen years of waiting on God to reveal the details of the call He placed on my life when I was fifteen (yes, I’m 30 now), I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude as He finally begins to reveal the specifics of His plan after all this time. I’m also filled with a deep appreciation for the journey He has taken me on to arrive at this place, recognizing how each facet of my life has been a critical step in helping form the person I needed to become in order to begin fulfilling the ministry God called me to.

What a beautiful journey… every job I held, every person I met, every class I took… all working together (without me even realizing it) to get me where I needed to be. Even the challenging moments were critical factors in molding who I am; and still are. In fact, I think it’s better stated – ESPECIALLY the challenging moments because it’s the trials in life that have taught me the power of perseverance. ……….to read the rest “click” on over to my post on FancyLittleThings website.