I Am a “Prepper”

Written by: Laura Rouse-DeVore

Have you ever heard of a “prepper”? A “prepper” is a person who takes measures and makes preparations in advance of a potential or perceived possible national, social, or planetary crisis or disaster. Some “preppers” take extreme measures to stock pile food and/or water, build shelters, and train physically. I had never heard of this until my husband (who has a serious tendency to find the most boring and obscure television programming ever broadcasted) made me watch an episode of a show that detailed the lives of “preppers” and what they do.

In the interest of full disclosure and complete vulnerability, I found this whole idea of prepping for the possibility of some future national or worldly disaster or crisis to be somewhat overzealous, and borderline radical. (Please do not take offense if you are a “prepper”. It’s nothing personal, just my initial impression. Please continue reading.) I was absolutely astounded at the people chronicled on this show. The lengths that they would go to in anticipation of whatever disaster they were preparing for were staggering!!!

Today, however, I came to the realization that I, myself, am a “prepper”. This realization was the result of an intense process of self-reflection and introversion. I’m not going to lie…it was a painful realization. As I mentioned previously, I had some preconceived notions about “preppers”.

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I too MUST be a “prepper”…

You see, it all started with my car. I realized that there were four pairs of shoes in the backseat of my car that belonged to my youngest son. I justified this reality away by telling myself that it was due to the fact that he likes to immediately remove his socks and shoes as soon as he is strapped into his carseat. Upon further inspection, I realized that my car also contained three blankets—one for each of my sons. Then, I saw the sippie cups, the towel, the lint roller, the spare change, the corn-hole beanbags game set, the five jackets, the half-eaten apple, the free-floating cheese crackers, the wipes, the toilet paper, the four coffee mugs, the walking cane, the box knife, the high heels, the flip flops, the Vera Bradley make-up pouch, three mismatched socks, and the two small LED flashlights. (Cue anxiety-ridden background music with spooky overtones reminiscent of the “Twilight Zone”) It was at this exact moment that it hit me that, obviously, I too MUST be a “prepper”.

Clearly, from the items in my car, I am “prepping” for some sort of disaster that involves my family of five living in my small Ford sedan. I mean, we have food, jackets, blankets, shelter, light sources, cups and mugs to collect water with, entertainment, security devices, toilet paper, LOTS of shoes, not enough socks (and why only THREE???!!!??), and most importantly, make-up and high heels (Just in case I would happen to have a job interview or important social event to attend while living in my car in the midst of planetary crisis or national disaster. And to think that I used to be appalled by the condition of my V.A.K. (Vehicle After Kids).

Obviously, I was selling myself short by not realizing the skillfulness and preparedness of my own ways. I can now proudly scoot around town singing kids sing-a-long songs at the top of my lungs in my V.A.K. with the peace of mind knowing that, at least for me and my family, we are fully prepared should disaster strike. Yes, indeed, I am a “prepper”!!!

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