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Not aLone Mom – Health and Fitness is here to help you get your body back!

Aside from the arrival of the new baby one of the most anticipated moments by an expecting mother is the day she “gets her body back”. I know I have been there… twice! At least the wanting part… not so much the executing and doing something about it part… but I want to. The struggle, as with anything else you are trying to incorporate into your life post baby, is finding the time to incorporate something new into your hectic new life.

Some other common concerns/hurdles seem to be:

  • “Where do I find the time?”
  • “I wouldn’t even know where to begin… it seems so overwhelming… I gained so much weight during my pregnancy it just seems pointless…”
  • “Now I have stretch marks… can diet and exercise really even help with those?”
  • “I don’t have the energy.”

These are just a few of the many concerns moms face when thinking about incorporating a new diet and fitness regimen into their routine.

Not aLone Mom – Health and Fitness is here to help you with these concerns and many more.

Having spent my career in the fitness industry managing women’s health clubs I not only have a passion for women’s health, but I also have many resources that will help you help yourself which will intern help your family as you find yourself feeling more energetic, strong, and balanced.

I hope you enjoy posts from industry leading contributors along with some great guest posts, and posts from yours truly as I work to get my own body back post baby #2!!

I listed just a few concerns above – what are some concerns/hurdles you have faced when it comes to health and fitness post baby? I look forward to your comments! Blessings!

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