You Gotta Laugh {New Category Added}

New Category: You Gotta Laugh
Contributor: All of you (and some great guest writers too!)

I hope you find yourself releasing the stresses of the day as you allow yourself to laugh!

They say that laughter is the best medicine. I would have to agree; especially since becoming a mama! Motherhood can be intense at times, but just as you think you are about to lose it once and for all your children do something so off the wall pulling you right back in from your near break down and has you rolling on the floor with pure joy and laughter.

These times are priceless!

The Just For Laughs category will highlight these moments from the lives of the Not aLone Mom readers and Facebook fans (yes, an FB page is coming, wink wink). So please – help spread joy to the hearts of moms out there who are feeling a little down in the dumps today and share your stories!

You can also expect some spectacular guest posts from some of the funniest mommy bloggers out there, including yours truly (hey, I have my moments).

I hope you find yourself releasing the stresses of the day as you allow yourself to laugh at some of the tales shared by real, everyday-moms just like you and me!

What are some of the funniest moments you have experienced with your children? Did you find that it came at the most surprising moment? (e.g. my daughter burped a man like burp during our bed-time prayers and then said quietly and politely, “excuse me”.)

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