2nd New Category – Another Great New Contributor!!

New Category: Faith
New Contributor: Jill Nelson

I am excited to introduce Jill Nelson to the Not aLone Mom team of new contributors! She will be contributing monthly to the new Faith category. Jill has spent years balancing motherhood and ministry as she, her husband and two children have traveled up and down the country. Jill is a truly inspirational woman and mother and will bring a fresh, encouraging voice to Not aLone Mom. Check out her bio below.

Jill Nelson writing about Faith for Not aLone Mom

Hi, I’m Jill – a full time follower of Jesus, wife of one and mom of two. With twelve years of marriage, eight years of parenting and eleven years of full time ministry so far…I still have much to learn! Along the way, I continue to notice that there are “teaching points” in every circumstance life brings. Do I always realize or understand what I’m supposed to see or learn right there? Nope…not always; but as seasons come and go, and as almost everything around us changes, HE remains consistent!

I am very thankful for this opportunity to contribute to Not aLone Mom. It is a privilege to be an encouragement to you in whatever season of motherhood you are in…Once a mom, always a mom!

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