Seriously… Am I Still Losing My Hair?!?

It took a few months but the hair loss inevitably returned in all its drain-clogging, brush-filling glory!

My son is eight months old now and I am still losing hair by the handfuls every day!  Literally!  Will it ever stop?  Or am I on the road to female baldness?  Between losing hair naturally because I had a baby recently (though it doesn’t feel so recent) and the hair that I am pulling out as I chase after my two year old, I am not entirely certain that a full head of hair is in my future!

It was almost laughable at first, the small fist-fulls of hair that began falling out with every stroke of the brush or every time I would run my fingers through my hair.  But after while the small fist-fulls turned into large handfuls which became less and less humorous and more and more irritating!  Seriously, it’s been eight months – enough is enough!!

I thought the hair that I was losing after my first baby was a lot but after having the second baby I think I have enough to make wigs for the whole family!  They say when a woman is pregnant she doesn’t lose any hair because of the prenatal vitamins she is taking which was true when I was pregnant with my first baby but not with my second!  My babies are only 19 months apart so I was still losing hair from the first baby when I found out I was pregnant with the second!  It wasn’t until I was about five or six months pregnant with my son that it finally stopped.

After the arrival of my son my hair remained intact for several months.  I was relieved!  I thought I was going to bypass the whole thing, but as mentioned in a previous post, Hormones and Hair Loss – it took a few months but the hair loss inevitably returned in all its drain-clogging, brush-filling glory!

Maybe it’s a sign that we women put too much value in our hair.  We spend so much money having it cut and colored and styled but would we willingly trade it in for anything?  I’ve heard it said before that life is a series of trade-offs… so if the trade-off for having two amazing children is my hair – I’d say it was well worth the exchange!

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