Motherhood – The Love Story (fifth and final in series)

There is nothing more incredible than the moment you become a mother

I could think of no better way to honor Mother’s Day than to wrap up the “Motherhood” series with this final installment, “The Love Story”.  Sure becoming a mother can be one of the most challenging times in our lives, but more than that, it is by far the most wonderful and fulfilling!  There is nothing more incredible than the moment you become a mother, holding your new baby in your arms for the first time, feeling your heart bursting with more love than you have ever known!

A mother’s love is powerful.  It can seamlessly rise to any occasion.  It is warm and nurturing when our children need comfort.  It is commanding when our children need put in check.  In the face of danger, it can empower instincts inside of us that we didn’t know existed.  It is ever flowing and never ending.  It is influential, unconditional, and strong.  It is the greatest gift of all.

When I welcomed my first child, my daughter, into the world I was literally beaming with joy.  My heart ached it was so full of love.  I will never forget the first night with my new baby.  Sitting in the hospital bed, staring down at my sleeping newborn; I felt like I was looking at the face of an angel.  It had been a busy day filled with many excited visitors all wanting to get a look at our new baby girl.  That evening when it was finally just the three of us in the room, my husband and I shared a look that lasted for what felt like eternity.  Without words we were able to express to one another how utterly delighted and amazed we were at the events of the day, and how over the moon we were for our new baby.  It was in that moment that my heart began to overflow with more love than I thought possible!  Not only was I madly in love with my new baby, but I was falling even deeper in love with my husband.  What an unexpected treat!

Now two years later, we have had another baby, our son.  I remember when I found out I was pregnant again.  I was excited beyond words, yet a little nervous about how I was going to love another child as much as my daughter.  I just couldn’t wrap my head, or heart, around the concept of experiencing an equal level of love for the two of them.  Other mothers would reassure me that what I was feeling was perfectly normal and that I would “understand” once I had him.

How right they were, the moment my son was born – I understood.  It isn’t anything that can be articulated in words.  The love is just there… not more and not less… just love; unconditional, indescribable love.

Sure there will be, and have been several, moments in my children’s lives that call to question my patience, my logic, my ability to keep my cool, but there will never be a moment that can or will question my love.  In fact, with each passing day – through all the comedic, dramatic, scary, and adventuresome moments – my love for my children only grows deeper and stronger reassuring me that “Motherhood” is a journey that I was created for.


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