A Great-Grand Perspective!

Since my last blog, “A Moved Mom”, I have been receiving several requests via email, my website, blog comments, etc. all with one very specific request: that my grandmother share her writings referenced in that post.  She is flattered to say the least and has graciously agreed to share with us her recently inspired, beautifully conveyed, side of the story.  Below is my transcription of her beautiful, calligraphy style, hand written recount of life from her perspective after the mighty wind that is my family blew in to her home.  This is the first of many that she has written… so between my posts and hers “Not aLone Mom” is about to get very interesting!!  Enjoy!

The Original Version

“4 Generations Under One Roof… and a Well-Behaved Boxer Dog”

By:  The Great-Grand herself

Ten days ago “life” became very much alive at our house.  We went from three adults, who were “settled” in their ways (more or less), to a household of seven (two more adults, two babies, & a” well-behaved Boxer dog”).  Now, we have Great-Grand-Parents, grand-parents, parents, children (2yrs and 6 months) and a “well-behaved Boxer dog”!!

Our day starts like any other normal family.  We all wake up after a much needed good night’s rest.  We try to find out whose “on first”, but that usually doesn’t happen until our first cup of coffee.  The Great-Grands have found if they have their time alone with the Lord (Bible reading and devotional) the day goes along much better.  It took four to five days to figure out how to manage this special time.  But, during all this time of adjusting we still had a “well-behaved Boxer dog”!!

The Great-Grands have been reminiscing about days gone by, when their two children, now grown with kids and grand-kids, were young and doing the same things.  There was one big difference, the dog was a “mixed-breed” and he was not­ “well-behaved”!!